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Crochet x Programming Workshop 🧶

Thank you for attending our Crochet x Programming Workshop! We hope you had a fun time and will continue crocheting and coding.

Special thanks to our guest speaker, Mercedes Bernard, for sharing her craft in fiber arts and coding and answering questions.

In this workshop, we hosted our guest speaker via Zoom, who discussed the intersection between crochet and programming and her experience as a Principal Software Engineer. We then began to crochet cat beanies following a pattern in pseudo-code and traditional writing. The different writing styles are side-by-side for comparison so that the reader can see how to pattern can be written as a programming algorithm.

Yarn and crochet hooks were given to participants free of charge 🙂

The pattern used in the workshop was designed and written by Misheel Sodgerel.

📸 credits: David Park

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