No-Code Hackathon 💻 (InSite x ACM x Skandalaris)

Thank you for participating in the No-Code Hackathon last weekend! The theme was “creating a positive impact.” Congrats to the winning teams (in order): PTNow, ShareU, and Leftover Link. We hope you enjoyed the event and the prizes! You can find more info about the Hackathon and the submissions here.  📷 credit: Priscilla Lee

Global Game Jam (GGJ) 🕹️ 2023

Thank you for participating in the Global Game Jam, and thank you to the STL Game Devs (including WashU’s very own Video Game Programming Professor, Rob Santos) for letting us help with advertising and for hosting the St. Louis site at WashU! St. Louis GGJ was able to host over 77 local creators throughout the […]

Riot Games HQ Tour 🎮

Thank you, Riot Games HQ in St. Louis, for giving us the unique opportunity to tour your office! Special thanks to Amanda and Daniel for hosting us and answering our questions about the game industry (and for the cool swag 😀 ) ACM hopes y’all had a great time touring with us and learned a […]

Crochet x Programming Workshop 🧶

Thank you for attending our Crochet x Programming Workshop! We hope you had a fun time and will continue crocheting and coding. Special thanks to our guest speaker, Mercedes Bernard, for sharing her craft in fiber arts and coding and answering questions. In this workshop, we hosted our guest speaker via Zoom, who discussed the […]

CS Resumé-Building Workshop 📝

Thank you for attending our CS Resumé-Building Workshop! We hope you learned how to make the most out of your resumé space and how to tailor it to specific internship/job applications. Overall, we hope this information helps you land your dream position 🙂 Special thanks to Roy Ferguson, a CS expert from the Career Center, […]

Cybersecurity Panel 🔐

ACM x Bearshell collaboration Thank you for attending the Cybersecurity Panel! We hope you learned a lot during the panel and enjoyed the Indian food! Feel free to contact our panelists and BearShell with additional questions regarding cybersecurity. Here are the resources shared during the panel:

Summer Internship Panel 💼

Thank you for attending our Internship Panel! We hope you learned a lot and gained useful information to help you succeed and grow 🧠💪 Special thanks to our panelists for sharing their experiences and advice, from start-ups to big tech.